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Happy New Year from America West Virtual Airlines!

!!!Now Accepting Previous VA Hours!!!

2011 has come and come in a big way! New Pilots joining AWE VA, can now transfer up to 150 hours from their previous VA to be converted into promotion points! Transfering the maximum 150 hours will earn a new pilot the rank of Commercial Officer (CAT III). Simply tell us how many hours you would like to transfer, give us the URL to the roster and your callsign to verify, and that's it! After you complete your first flight, you will be promoted! Come join us as we continue to make this a better place for you!



AWE VA Has Expanded!



America West Virtual Airlines has expanding it's operations!  Not only do we fly our historic America West and current US Airways routes, but we now offer routes from all Star Alliance members!


Newest Pilots

AWE005Neil StainesHQ2007-05-26
AWE1001Jeremy BucholzHQ2005-07-18


Recent Flights

AWE0KLAS - KSFO3192013-07-08
AWE0KTUS - KLASCR92013-06-13
AWE0KPHX - KLAXCR72013-06-08
AWE0KIAH - KPHX7572013-06-07
AWE0KATL - KIAH7352013-06-07
AWE0KIAD - KATLE702013-06-06
AWE0KSNA - KLAS3192013-05-17
AWE0KCLE - KBWIERJ2013-05-01
AWE0KPHX - KTUSCR92013-04-30
AWE0KCLE - KIADER42013-04-28
AWE0KORD - KDEN7572013-04-27
AWE0KIAH - KCLE7382013-04-27



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